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Turkey time! (November 28)

Posted on Dec 8, 2013 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Happy thanksgiving everyone! This has been an amazing year, and I would like to list some things I am thankful for.

-my parents. They let me be me. Enough said.
-all of my family. I have been lucky enough to visit with all of them this year.
-my “chosen” family. Though they might not be blood, my Washington family is the best.
-Alki Academy of Learning. I love going to school everyday!
-FaceTime. I am happy I can see my family that live far away at anytime.
-my cats. They are my best friends.
-fashion. It lets me express who I am.
-the Saints
-my parent’s jobs.
-all the wholesome, quality food I get to eat.
-Lamby from Doc McStuffins

It’s a beautiful life!


1 Comment

  1. And we are thankful that our family was blessed with a sweet little girl named Dixie Waters…..

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