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Big Man in Red. (November 30)

Posted on Dec 10, 2013 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 0 comments

So it happened…. I met the big man from the North Pole. Santa!!! I suppose I met him last year, but that was all a blur. You know what is weird? Santa was hanging out at Nordstroms in Bellevue. Seems like he should have been preparing for his big night, but he was shopping instead. He was nice though. He invited me to come sit on his lap and talk with him. I was nervous, but I agreed hesitantly. I was too scared to make eye contact with him, but he was ok with that. I told him that I didn’t need anymore toys, and that I could probably get a box and be plenty entertained. I ended my visit by casually posing for a picture to document the meeting. I opted for the “finger in mouth” pose to keep it sweet and innocent.

Let’s get to the important stuff….. The outfit! It’s a big decision to make. You want have fun, but you also want to show Santa that you mean business. I went with a skirt/ blazer suit that was Jackie O inspired, from the GAP. It’s a gold jacquard material, and it had PIZAZ! I paired it with a simple black shirt and leggings. I was planning on wearing black knee high boots, but the shoe gods were clearly not for that decision and left me no option but to take the hipster route by pairing it with neon converses. Regardless, the outcome was brilliant.

I celebrated my meeting with Santa by dining at PF Changs. Let’s just say is schooled dad in chopstix etiquette.



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