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Argyle and Ruffles (December 4)

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

I hope that when y’all read my blog you are inspired to express yourself any way you feel! Today I was a walking mess of patterns and materials, yet I pulled it off. There are no rules in fashion. Today I wore my ruffled corduroy overalls from GAP with patterned tights, and a cool argyle sweater from United Colors of Benneton. None of it matched to well, but it was still fun to wear.

A weird thing happened at the grocery store with mom today. While in line, a lady stopped mom and told her how cute I was. Now that’s not the weird part. The weird part is that she asked mom if I dressed myself because I had so many random things on. She said “kids can dress so silly”. I think that was a weird comment, but I am going to take it as a “she is surprised at how creative I am at a young age…” comment instead. Some people……sheesh!



1 Comment

  1. Dixie, Papa is looking for a plane ticket to be with you the first of the year. I cannot wait.

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