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Brrrrr….It’s cold! (December 3)

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Before we get started on my day, I would like to say that the Seahawks beat the Saints last night. I am beyond sad, but I managed to get out of bed today to face the haters. If you talk the talk, you got to walk the walk….
Another thing I am sad about is winter accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for accessorizing, but there is something about winter hats and mittens that I am not okay with. This morning when my mom put mittens on my hands, all I could do was scream. At first it appeared as if my hands were gone, but then I realized they were still there, but just immobilized. How is one supposed to get along without function of her hands? Of course I put up a fight on this, and turns out, I won! Mom took them off and I was happy again……until I went outside and realized it was 20 degrees. DOH!
I did get to go see my favorite home girl Hayley today. She shows me what college life is all about. I can’t wait! We grabbed some lunch and caught up. I finally gave in and accepted the hat.


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  1. Papa will be there the first of the year and I will keep you warm.

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