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Fries are my Fave!!!!! (December 6)

Posted on Dec 16, 2013 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 2 comments

Sooooo, I forgot to take pictures of my outfit today (all bloggers mess up every now and again!). I spent the day with Papa B, and helped him out around the house. It must have been the best day ever since I forgot to take pictures!

One thing I can talk about today is my newfound love for French fries. My mom gets kind of intense on what I am aloud to eat and what not, but today she made me fries (not those imposter apple fries either)! They taste like little nuggets of gold. Let’s just say I might have earned a world record for my fry inhaling abilities….. I was super bummed when I found the bottom of the bowl.





  1. All Norris’ like fries.

  2. Papa said it right… We love French Fries… I will take you to the Schooner and get gravy on them… You will love that!

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