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Smells like Christmas (December 10)

Posted on Dec 17, 2013 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 2 comments

Man, is there anything better than a fresh cut Christmas tree? This was actually my first experience with Christmas trees in general. I suppose I saw some last year, but I was too little to even remember anything back then. Today I went with Jamie and Julieann to the tree farm. It was so fun and smelled so delicious. Good thing I wore a Christmas outfit! Today I actually wore my Christmas dress from last year. Of course, it’s not a dress anymore, it’s a shirt now. I paired it with jeans from the GAP and a red cardigan from PEEK. I even left my Christmas bow in!
I looked like I belonged on a tree farm. I posed with trees and reindeer, and I saw Santa. I’m not gonna lie, I was taken back by seeing Santa out of his natural element, which is clearly Nordstrom’s in Bellevue, so I was a little shy. I did give him a wave, but that’s about it.
Now I need to go home and get on my parents for not getting us a tree yet. They act like they both have full time jobs or something…..



  1. You are such a cutie pie!!!

  2. Dixie, maybe you and I can camp out in your tent when I get there.

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