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Christmas Eve (December 24)

Posted on Jan 1, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 0 comments

Oh my gosh…  SANTA CLAUS COMES TONIGHT!!!!!!!  I’m pumped!  Who knew?  A big, jolly man that flies around the world and delivers gifts??  That’s crazy town.  Mom was explaining how tonight works, but part of me just doesn’t believe that all that is actually going to happen.  He comes down the chimney??  Our fireplace has fake fire, and I’m not even sure there is an actual chimney.  Who cares.  That’s the magic of Christmas, right?

To celebrate, we went to Bainbridge and visited with Nona and Papa B.  We had a carne asada cook-off, and homemade churros.  It was really fun to just hangout and eat good food.  Nona and Papa B also showered me in Lamby gifts.  They Gave me Lamby slippers, and Lamby hat, and a Lamby blanket!  My addiction continues…..

IMG_5140 - Copy IMG_5183 - Copy


When we got home, we made ninja bread cookies for Santa.  They are just like gingerbread cookies, but in the shape of ninjas.  I live with a nerdy dad.  What else would you expect??  We set them out in front of the fireplace for Santa.  I didn’t leave any milk out, because I can almost guarentee that Judy will drink it, but mom and dad left a weird looking bottle of something there for him.  They said it was “special juice”, and Santa would appriciate it since we are the tail end of the deliveries here on the West Coast.  Hmmmm.

I hope I can sleep tonight!

IMG_5149 - Copy

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