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Davis, Here We Come! (December 29)

Posted on Jan 1, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 0 comments

I had so much fun today.  Everyone in the family packed up and jotted over to Davis, Ca for a quick day trip.  In case you don’t know, Davis is the home of University of California Davis, and it is the cutest little college town.  It has a bit of a hippie, care free vibe, which is what I enjoyed.  We walked all over the town, and enjoyed good company, and great sunshiney weather.  We were on a mission to find some fun hats for my aunt Cindy.  We found one at a skate shop, and surprisingly, we found 3 at the local co-op grocery!  We would have thought a grocery store would have such a great selection of hats??

After our shopping, we ate at the local Bistro.  It was great food, and totally exhilarating to eat outside on the patio in December.  Seattle is so cold, and wet right now, so it was a nice break for me!  I dressed based on my mood today, fun and sassy.  I got a new sweatshirt at PEEK last week, and it was perfect for today.  My sweatshirt says “FUN”, and that’s exactly what this trip is!  I paired the sweatshirt with a tutu, leopard Babylegs legwarmers, and my new scarf my aunts bought me at the local kids boutique.  Not only is the scarf fashionable, but it catches my excessive drool from teething.

Today gets two thumbs up!

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