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Helloooo Papa (January 14)

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Today is a big day!  My Papa is here to visit!  I am so excited!  What was hard was that I had to get through a whole day of school before I could see him.    I did have a good day though.  We went to whale tail park and the boardwalk today.  I was nice to get outside, even though it was chilly.  I also got to debut a new tutu today.  I actually got this tutu for my birthday from my southern friend Liam, but I haven’t fit into it until now.  I love all the super cute bright colors, and it had Hello Kitty on it.  I LOVE Hello Kitty!  My mom told me that she grew up with Hello Kitty too.  She said that it used to be kind of expensive, and you could only buy Hello Kitty stuff at a Sanrio Surprise store.  That sure is different from today.  You can find Hello Kitty everywhere and at every price now days.  She often shows up in the dollar bargain bins at Target.  That’s always fun.


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  1. Papa was so glad to see his Seattle family. To see all 3 of you at the airport was my best moment.

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