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Fashion Queen of Alki (January 21)

Posted on Feb 1, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 0 comments

Ahhhh, it sure felt good to get out today.  I’ve been having some serious withdraws from fashion by being stuck inside, sick, for so long.  I was finally feeling better, so I felt I should go big for my friends at school today.  I was feeling that Seattle grunge look today.  I had all the essentials… Dr.Martens boots, scarf (H&M), and khaki trench coat (GAP).  It was a gloomy day, so my outfit was perfect!  Also, how cute is this black and white dress?  Ugh, I died when I saw it in the store.  I found it at the GAP.  All in all, I loved my outfit today, which in return resulted in a great day.


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