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Feeling Sunny (January 23)

Posted on Feb 4, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Is there anything that can make you feel more chipper than a bright yellow shirt. Yeah, I guess you are right. It comes in a close second though. I just adores this new yellow eyelet tunic from GAP. Not only do I love the color, but I really love eyelet. It’s so feminine, yet structured , all at the same time. I decided to pair it with neutral colored items (minus my shoes, duh) to allow the bright yellow it’s time to shine. The pants are from Target and the jacket is from PEEK.

If you don’t have a bright yellow piece of clothing to wear, loud colored converses can also supply that chipper feeling.




1 Comment

  1. Looking precious, as usual!! I love the yellow eyelet!! Just looking at this picture makes my heart smile!!

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