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Superbowl Sunday ! (February 2)

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 2 comments

Well, the day has come.  I am still upset my beloved Saints aren’t in the playoffs….  Ugh.  Oddly enough though, the Seahawks are.  It is chaos when your home city’s team is in the big game.  There is sooo much Seahawks stuff EVERYWHERE!  I would be happy if I never saw a sign or heard someone say “12th man” ever again.

Okay okay, hard feelings aside, it is super bowl Sunday, so that means PAR-TAY!  I had some buds over, and we partied hard.  I spent my day giggling/chasing/snacking with Benton, and I looked at Declan sleep all day (party foul…).  We had lots of food, and there was lots of yelling!!  In the end, Seattle won, and the city went N-U-T-S!  I heard yelling and fireworks ALL night.  Well, congrats Seahawks, until next year….

Clearly my only football attire is Saints related, so I went the complete opposite direction and wore my star sweater from CrewCuts, and my baby animal leggings from H&M.  My man Benton was sporting enough Seahawks gear for the both of us.




  1. Not sure Papa is ready for another man (other than your Daddy) kissing on you.

  2. GeGe(great.nd) wasn’t too happy either. Does he have a job? Did he finish college? What Dr. degree does he have? Does he brush his teeth? Swim? More info needed on this ‘kid’!

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