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Sugar Hangover (February 3)

Posted on Feb 17, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Man, Super Bowl Sunday is no joke! I think I am feeling like every other Seattlite is today….sugar hungover! Boy did I eat a ton yesterday. I started my day with pancakes and syrup because today is also Groundhogs day, and pancakes is a tradition that can’t be skipped! I also went to Cupcake Royale and got a cake pop. Don’t worry, I didn’t stop there. I also ate a pink icing cookie. Considering how hippie my mom makes me eat, this is a big deal. That’s a whole lot of sugar. I felt it today too. I woke up sluggish and could only manage to throw on my PEEK silver sweater,jeans, and my converses for school. It was a long day, and the only logical way to end it was to eat another pink frosted cookie. The sprinkles are so cute!



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  1. Dixie, you still look cute even with the sugar hangover.

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