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I want Pi! (March 14)

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 2 comments

I know what you are thinking, ” it’s already been a year since the last Pi day?”. I feel the same way. It’s march 14th , otherwise known as 3.14, otherwise known as Pi day. Cleaver I tell ya. Well, it’s dad’s fave holiday, so why not dress in theme? Last year I
wore binary code, but this year I took it a step further, I wore a sweatshirt with the Pi equation all over it. If this doesn’t scream ” my dad is a geek”, then I don’t know what does! Leave it to PEEK to make an awesome math sweatshirt. No worries either, Yaya took me out for a slice of pie.

Live long and prosper!


Here is a flashback Friday to last year on Pi day. Dressing nerdy is a requirement.



  1. I’m not surprised to see you know the difference in the two words & their meaning. You are so smart, pretty, & happy little girl who has grown too much since last year. I hope to see you when you visit O.S. this month!

  2. In OS it is pie day and Bebe said you are a sweety Pi.

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