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Cheers to Everly! (March 22)

Posted on Apr 6, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 0 comments

Today we celebrated Aunt Maria and baby Everly!  I have spent some time at baby showers in my young life and they never get old.  I think it is so fun to see all my friends, and eat good food.  Today I had an encounter with a chocolate fountain.  What an amazing creation!  How can you not love something that evenly coats a milk chocolate blanket over everything you want it to?  My favorite was the potato chips in the chocolate.

Ok, let’s get to the outfit.  I am really excited for everyone to see these overalls!!!  I got these bad boys off the Wunway website.  I just can’t get enough of their clothes, especially when they are cat overalls!  Is that not a genius combo or what?  I am OBSESSED with the cat design on the bib of them.  I may have meowed my day away…don’t judge me!



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