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Make-Up !!!!! (March 21)

Posted on Apr 6, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Have I mentioned lately how much I love make-up?  Well, I’M OBSESSED!!!!!  I just can’t get enough lipstick, powder, or make-up brushes.  I get the feeling that my mom doesn’t appreciate that I go in her room every morning and swipe something from her make-up case.  She caught me trying to use her eyelash curler the other day…  She told me that is an advanced tool, and I need to tone it down a notch….  PISHAW!

Mom did me a solid today though.  I came home from school to find my very own make-up kit!  Don’t worry, it’s fake, but it looks real!  My mom kept checking and double checking because it is so legit looking.  I was so stoked to stuff my Hello Kitty purse full of my own make-up.  You should look up the company “Little Cosmetics” and see the make up kit for yourself.




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  1. Bebe wants to put makeup on you when you get here.

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