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Happy Anniversary! (April 3)

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Guess what today is??? It is my parents 4th anniversary! In case you were wondering, I just learned what an anniversary was today. They told me I wasn’t even a sparkle in their eye at their wedding… Joke is on them because now they have the most sparkly girl in their life forever. I was very excited that they wanted to go out and celebrate this special day with me! After work and school, we all went down to Marination. We actually had reservations at a really nice sushi restaurant in downtown, but the day was so hectic that we decided we wanted to keep it local and casual. After dinner we hit up Cupcake Royale for some celebratory sweet treats. It was a really fun night. I love my parents and am happy they are mine.
Check out the fashion from tonight. I went with my pink NUNUNU star dress because, well, I’m a star. My mom wore her headband and jewelry from her wedding. She said it is a tradition to wear it every year on her anniversary. I think it is awesome, and she told me one day I can have it. Never know, maybe it will be my something borrowed. Her headband and jewelry are both by the designer Tarina Tarintino. Talk about cool accessories. Love it!


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  1. What a good looking family. I am so thankful Adam and Nicole got married and provided us with Dixie.

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