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Canceled Flights, Doughnuts, and Red Eyes…OH MY! (April 13)

Posted on May 5, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 1 comment

Well, I think the title says it all.  We went to catch our flight last night, with me still feeling horrible, and we were cancelled off of it!  What in the what???????  Oh man, it takes a lot to make my mom mad, but boy was she mad.  I even heard her throw out a “bless your heart” to the ticket agent.  That’s the worst insult of all!  We went home, got some rest, and decided to make the most of our extra family day together.  Luckily I was starting to feel better, so we started the day with doughnuts and Alki beach walks.  I wore my new camo PEEK button up jacket.  It is so cute, and I feel somewhat like a hippie.  It even has an embroidered bird on the back.  Swoon!  After we enjoyed the sun, we spent the day at home getting better and watching TV.  I have to rest up because I am catching a red eye tonight for Mississippi.  Wish us luck!




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  1. It makes Papa happy seeing you and your Dad hanging out.

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