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Parks and Rec (May 29)

Posted on May 30, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 0 comments

Man, mom and I had an awesome afternoon. Our first stop after school was Menchie’s frozen yogurt. I had so much fun putting together the perfect dessert concoction, but I would like to not lie to myself and others…..I go for the candy toppings, not the fro yo. There, I feel much better now that my dirty secret is out. After ice-cream, we hit up Hiyawatha park. I watched some tennis, encountered a ninja, tried to hang with the big kids on the playground, and jumped on rocks, all while wearing a Hello Kitty tutu. While we are talking clothes, I also had a clothing trajedy while playing. My new t-shirt from PEEK got ripped!! NOOOOOOO. Good thing mom can sew. Who says you can’t play hard in a tutu??? I also just love wearing anything Hello Kitty. Cats are my favorite, and she is the cutest by far! Anyways, I hope all of y’all had just as much fun as I did this afternoon.






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