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Father’s Day! (June 15th)

Posted on Jun 26, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 0 comments

Well, today was fathers day, so naturally I hung out with my pops.  Before he woke up, Mom and I went to our favorite local bakery, The Original Bakery, and got doughnuts and coffee for him.  We greeted him with breakfast in bed!  Next was presents!  I gave him the ultimate dad gift….. a beard trimmer!  He loved it.  It’s a tough job taming that face mane.  After, we hung around the house and watched movies.  It was nice to just relax and enjoy the day.  I noticed mom didn’t seen too relaxed though.  She was doing all sorts of chores and cleaning, and then she informed me that this was the one day she actually had to act like a house wife.  Later in the day we went out for sushi.  Why wouldn’t we?  It is our favorite after all….  I was so excited because I got a cupcake straight off the conveyor belt.  They should always have cupcakes!  We finished the day with a man meal.  We cheddar stuffed jalepeño  burgers and fried tater tots.  After eating that light dinner, dad was ready for bed.  I’d say we did our job today as dad is full, sleeping, and has a nicely trimmed beard.  Father’s Day 2014 is in the bag.






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