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Just Stand Out

Posted on Aug 24, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 3 comments

I think one of my motto’s in life is “don’t fit in, stand out”. Mom says that all the time, and I think it is great. Nobody got far by following the crowd. Here’s a good example for you. We went to the zoo and I decided to wear two different color converses. Now, just the purple or just the yellow shoes would have been too cute, but one of each is even better. I mean, I do look pretty cool. I also wore my new cardigan from CrewCuts. I love the purple hearts on it.

Since I looked like a city hipster, I decided to hit the city for some staycation fun. I went to the zoo with my yaya, which turned out great because we got to watch them feed all the animals. After, we went to Alki to get a shaved ice at Marination, and throw some rocks on the beach. While I was throwing rocks I saw scuba divers, kayakers, paddle boarders, a cruise ship, a ferry, and a seal. It was active out there!








  1. Sounds like much fun was had by all! My precious fashion girl!
    Lead don’t follow! I like that! love you, GeGe

  2. I’ve had a busy summer too! I also went to NOLA, had a great time with my daughter and her husband and yes we ate like there was no tomorrow!!! I digress, saw you were in Pensacola with your great grandmother, how “grand” for you and your mom and you can never go wrong at the Fish House -yum!!
    What I wanted to say is – you won’t have to try to stand out- with the name Dixie it comes as a birthright! Take it from one who has “stood out” for 66years. Then there was Dixie Carter, your mom probably knows who she was. Dig those cat clothes!!!!

  3. Your Yaya really spoils you and that is OK.

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