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Ready, Set, BALLET!

Posted on Sep 7, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 4 comments

Oh my gosh!  That is the only reaction I can think of in regards to my very first ballet class EVER!  I was stoked to be there.  I’m not sure which part I liked more… dancing or dressing the part.  I’m going to warn you, I did not take the traditional approach to ballet attire.   I figured, I’m two, I can wear what I want!  Todays outfit took inspiration from Footloose, and Olivia Newton-John.  I sported a shiny pink leotard, gold lamé leggings, polka dot leg warmers, and a star headband.  I’d like to give a shoutout to H&M kids.  Their toddler work-out wear is spot on!  Who even knew “toddler work-out wear” was an actual category??  Can’t wait till next week.  I have lots of clothing options.  Stay tuned….

Here’s a video mom snuck while I was ribbon dancing.

First dance class at Ballard Academy of Dance.








  1. Wow, our own little ballet dancer! Shoes, where are the shoes???

  2. What a dancer! Cannot wait to see you in action. Hoping to be there later this year.

  3. I can’t wait to sneek a peek myself next week. You look so adorable. It takes me back to the days of your mom dancing. Love, love, love you!

  4. One of those days when “I wished I lived closer”…..I would love to see that sweet girlie at “dance”…..I LOVE the outfit!!

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