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Peaks and Vallys

Posted on Sep 14, 2014 by in Dixie Waters Norris | 2 comments

Well, some days you lose some, and some days you win. Unfortunately, today I lost quite a bit. I started the day with my ballet class. Ok, class #2, ready? NO! I had a hard time in class today. The ribbon dancing…..I CRIED. The princess wand dance…. I CRIED. Skipping in a circle…. I CRIED! I couldn’t pull myself together in class, so I opted out early. The only silver lining in that situation was my impeccable style. Today I had a cat leotard (actually a bathing suit) from H&M, black tights from JCrew, Capezio ballet shoes, and leg warmers from Babylegs. I might not have been in the mood to dance, but I was in the mood to look the part.






Another loss that happened today was The Saints! I am no fair weathered fan, therefore, this loss will not bring me down! Once again, through the sadness, shined style. I wore my new, bigger, custom made Saints jersey from my friend Nancy at Stitched With Love, a cheer skirt, and some gold Converses. I know we will get them next week. We’ll be at the dome. You know what they say, “there’s no place like dome, there’s no place like dome..”.






  1. You are such a cute cheerleader. I just wish you could cheer for a winning team.

    You did look the part of a ballet queen. We all have our days we do not want to participate.

    Hope to see you soon. Me & Bebe love you…

  2. LOVE the cat dance attire…..super cute…..AND the cutest Saintsation ever….I miss you, sweet girl…..and your Mom and Dad too…..

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